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Jim did most of the writing with support and input from Julian, Neil, existing care farmers, officers of Social Farms and Community Gardens, the Clynfyw Management and Staff Teams and, of course, the wonderful Participants who come to Clynfyw and shape what we do.

Head poncho

Jim Bowen


Julian did the proofreading, editing and making sense of it all. He has years of experience  as a journalist and really does know what he is talking about! If you have ideas of writing your own book, he's a great person to talk to.

Head Journalist

Julian Rollins


Neil is head of design. He is much more than a happy chappy behind the camera, although you will agree his snapshots are pretty fine, but he also designed the book, liaised with the printers and also, actually, designed our website too. Whataguy! 

Head of design

Neil Buckland

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