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Mae Ffarm Ofal Clynfyw’n gwmni cymunedol sydd yn cynnal a chefnogi pobl anabl a bregus trwy sawl prosiect dysgu.

Clynfyw Care Farm is a Community Interest Company which supports disabled and vulnerable people using numerous meaningful projects as tools for learning

Upcoming Events….

This coming year will be a big one for Clynfyw as a whole.

COVID continues have have an impact, and the Community Share Offer is a bit daunting but pretty exciting too!

We are having fascinating conversations with many interested people and it is clear the potential for what we are planning is huge, and if we can make it work it could pave the way for others in the future.

Thursday 20th January- 7.00pm Online (focus on: Community Resilience-what it means, why it is important and how Clynfyw CBS can play a part)
Sunday 30th January- 2.00pm at Clynfyw (focus on: Mentoring, training and how organisations like ours can play a part.)
Monday 7th February- 2pm at Clynfyw (focus on: Social Enterprises and collaboration.)
Saturday 26th February- 10.30am at Clynfyw (focus on: Inclusion and Advocacy for vulnerable and marginalised groups.)
Wednesday 16th March- 10.30am at Clynfyw (focus on: The impact of the changing climate and how places like Clynfyw can play a part.)
Monday 21st March-2.00pm Online (focus on: Regenerative Farming and land use)
Friday 15th April-10.30 at Clynfyw (linked to Easter Egg Hunt and fundraising event in aid of the British Hen Welfare Trust)
Thursday 5th May-7.00 Online (focus on: A Farm as a Community Asset)
Sunday 22nd May-2.00 at Clynfyw (focus on: A Farm as a Community Asset)

Our local resilience group, Ffynnone Community Resilience, also has a meeting planned in January. If you live locally and would like to join the mailing list, please contact:resiliencenorthpembs@gmail.com

AmnesTea Party-One Sunday in the summer. Date to be confirmed…

Wednesday 22nd Sept 11am – 3pm

Harvest festival in the autumn

  • Stalls selling crafts, Charcoal, Apple Juice, veggies compost and more…
  • Walks around the garden and see how we make charcoal.
  • See how we make the apple juice too.
  • There will be tea and coffee and cake and then soup for lunch too.

Other events to be added so please follow us on Facebook: ClynfywCIC

or become a regular visitor to our website: www.clynfyw.co.uk

​For more information, please get in touch: 01239 841236