Clynfyw Community Benefit Society

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General information

Please note that this is a community initiative with the objective of purchasing a section of Clynfyw Farm in Abercych to run it as a community-orientate farm.
There is now an opportunity to draw down match-funding of up to £250,000 from the Government scheme know as Community Ownership Fund.

The fund has a window closing in December from June 2021 and it is our aim to raise funds from this scheme to help with the Clynfyw Share Offer. The pledges will help demonstrate the involvement and commitment of the wider community to our plans.
Clynfyw Farm is 395 acres in size (244 being agricultural land and 151 being woodland.) It has been an award winning pioneer of community focussed farm diversification for over thirty years.
Clynfyw Community Benefit Society has been established to run community share offers which we hope, over time, will enable the farm to become community owned, honouring its current uses, while focusing on community-focussed resilience, regenerative land use so that it can be enjoyed as a secure community asset in perpetuity.
The main objective now is to purchase the first part of the farm and ensure that the ownership is transferred to the community as soon as possible.
The Wales Co-op has assisted us to create a Community Benefit Society with a community benefit shareholding constitution. This will allow us to draw in future community support funding. So that we maximise the support from the community we will offer a tax relief of 30% under the Social Investment Tax Relief system (i.e. if someone invests £1,000 they will get a £300 tax relief – as long as they are UK tax payers) as well as an annual dividend subject to the annual trading figures. You may purchase more than one share, but the voting rights will be on a one person one vote basis (not one vote per share).

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    While this Pledge Form does not form any kind of legally binding agreement, we ask that people should take it seriously and not to make a pledge if they do not intend to go ahead and purchase shares in due course.
    Gadewch y ffurflen yn y blwch yn y Clynfyw Farm neu danfonwch at Clynfyw, cyfeiriad isod:
    Please return the form to the sealed box in Clynfyw Farm, post to Clynfyw at
    the address below or email to :
    Clynfyw Community Benefit Society, Clynfyw Farm, Abercych, Pembrokeshire. SA37 0HF
    (contact Jim Bowen on 01239 841236 to discuss in confidence larger investment amounts)